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A SONG BENEATH SILENCE is a captivating collection of evocative poetry by Author & Filmmaker Apryl Skies. Beauty often emerges from the most unexpected places and this concept is intricately weaved throughout her charismatic literary debut. This collection is an engaging journey through a poetic labyrinth and an intimate look at the lines that blur; dreams and reality. "...and my hands have grown old writing this poem, like a poet watching flowers grow as angels tow the hours." Painted of possibility, perception and hope: A Song Beneath Silence ~By Apryl Skies, is a colorful and expressive odyssey that touches upon the delicate human condition unlike any other.


"Poetry is the catharsis from one shared for the benefit of all and that is what Apryl Skies has captured..."

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~Ellen Eldridge

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"[Apryl Skies] seeks to transcend the limits of being human and bound to the Earth. Emotions can be liberating, and her poems capture the heights we attain when we love and live passionately."

~Viola Allo
- San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review

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A Song Beneath Silence By Apryl Skies...doesn't disappoint...a strong and authentic voice. October Ghosts, Wise and Time (For Uncle Jimmy Riccio and his beloved Gilda), and Of Blood and Bone create an atmosphere that holds the reader. My favorite poem of the book, The Invitation evokes Poe’s Lenore in name and mood.
~Fangoria - John Porter

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Anyone who knows about renowned poet Apryl Skies, knows that she can work words into stone; she can take a thought and purify it into the inevitable dust.
 ~Model Poetry.com
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Apryl Skies is expressing her explorations in a way that compels a reader to re-read the work. I've found that the more I read this work, the more I garner from it..."
 ~Alicia Winski

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"Ms. Skies' ability to breech this "no man's land" is a credit to her lyrical and poetic expressions. She unmasks us in all our promises and our failures and leaves us to make of the world what we will." 

Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot - Readers Favorite

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